Ratings Track

Why Ratings and Comments?

  • Get ready for future competitions.
  • NOF experience without the pressure.
  • Motivate your students.

As a participant in the virtual Ratings and Comments Track, your group will receive:

  • Post-performance clinic with one of our nationally renowned clinicians.
  • Performance feedback from NOF adjudicators.
  • Access to on-demand concerts for your students.
  • Students will receive t-shirts and other swag to showcase their participation.
  • Ratings and participation trophies to showcase at your school.
  • Directors have the ability to add an additional professional development one-on-one conducting clinic with a world-renowned conductor
  • Optional participation in a national virtual orchestra performance.

    Download our informational flyer to share this information with administrators, parents, and others.




Per Student
ASTA Member


Per Student

What do you need to enter this track?

  1. Number of students that will be participating (see NOF Cyberfest Guidelines for details).
  2. $100 initial deposit to secure your spot.

The Details

  1. Your final recording that you will submit for adjudication is due by March 1, 2021. Please see the competition recording requirements (link) for more details.
  1. Ratings and comments video submission will be evaluated by NOF adjudicators in March 2021.
  2. Post-performance clinic will be held in April 2021. Scheduling for these will begin in March.