Review Criteria for 2023 ASTA Virtual String Teachers Summit
Session Proposals and Presenters

The following rubric and review questions will be used by the ASTA Conference Committee to review and rank all conference session proposals.

  No response (0)
Incomplete response: Insufficient or limited information provided

 Incomplete response: Limited or unclear information provided
Complete response: Provides a broad overview of the presentation
Complete response: Provides a more detailed overview of the presentation, but is somewhat unclear

Excellent response: Writing is clear and provides a detailed response to this area.

Marketing description


Session abstract


Identified learning outcomes (found in session proposal). The sessions provides clear and concrete take-aways


Connection to conference theme (building a more inclusive community)


Novelty/Relevancy of content – new information for ASTA audience              
Qualifications of presenter(s)/Content knowledge


(Separate from the scoring of the rubric questions)

  • Format of session matches description and given outcomes – Y/N
  • Content of the session is appropriate for the given audience – Y/N
  • Audience and instrumentation are appropriate for conference/summit – Y/N


Preference will be given to new presenters for ASTA, allowing us to bring new leaders and voice equity for our members and the profession.

The National Conference Committee will:

  1. Work to provide a balanced conference/summit program, including content for the variety of ASTA members (senior/emeritus, K-12 teachers, studio teachers, higher education faculty, students - pre-service teachers/performers); variety of music taught (classical, folk, eclectic styles, non-Western music); variety of instruments played (all stringed instruments).

  2. Work to provide a conference program that includes a diverse group of presenters: new presenters, returning presenters, and demographically diverse presenters (e.g., age, race, ethnicity, gender, geographic representation).