Starting a Student Chapter

Student membership is open to any full-time student attending college, university, or public, private, or parochial school. Membership in ASTA can be a very meaningful and rewarding experience.

Why Join ASTA?

Students who participate in ASTA student chapters receive many benefits, including:

Student chapters provide a strong and unified voice for string music education. Through student membership and participation in a student chapter, you can demonstrate your support for the advancement of string education and performance. ASTA can help you and your peers achieve your goals. You can be actively involved in making a difference.

Planning an Organizational Meeting

  1. Appoint or request a faculty sponsor who is a current ASTA member to serve as chapter advisor.
  2. Select a date, time, and location for the meeting that make it convenient for students to attend.
  3. If possible, include a short performance or interesting speaker to attract a more diverse group of students.
  4. Invite all string players and other potential members who may be interested in teaching strings and orchestra.
  5. Outline the program and purpose of the meeting.
  6. Invite any local ASTA members, faculty, professionals, or other nearby student chapters - they will be able to contribute ideas and their own experiences.

Student Chapter Activities

  1. Musical Meetings: informal music reading sessions; impromptu lunch concert on or off campus; assist with local high school or middle school sectionals, rehearsals, or concerts; run an orchestra rehearsal.
  2. Social meetings: string or orchestra discussion over a meal; serve refreshments following a workshop or demonstration concert; host a party after an orchestra concert; have a game night for new or interested student members; have a speaker or performer come to present informally to your student chapter.
  3. Projects: volunteer to assist with a summer music camp; visit/observe/volunteer in a local school string program; attend a music conference; publish a student chapter newsletter; publish an article in your state chapter's newsletter; present at a state level or national music conference.
Below are forms that will guide you in forming a student chapter on your campus.
Student Chapter Handbook
(Adobe PDF File)
Student Chapter Flyer
(Adobe PDF File)