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ASTA Member-Get-A-Member Campaign

Most ASTA members say they are likely to refer membership to their colleagues — and now you can earn rewards!

As an active ASTA member, you know first-hand the value your membership provides. Share your success by participating in ASTA’s Member-Get-A-Member Campaign. You can earn rewards for yourself and generate more funds for your chapter to invest in state-level programs.

There is no better advocate for ASTA membership than you. Simply direct colleagues to the online or paper membership form and encourage them to join. Don't forget to have them list you on their application as their recruiter!
Start a conversation with a colleague about why they should join ASTA. Email them a link to the online or paper membership form on our website. Be sure they include your name and email address as the recruiter.

The new member completes the online or paper membership form and submits it with payment.

You, as the recruiter, will be recognized and rewarded. See details below.

Thank You to our 2019 Member-Get-A-Member Recruiters!

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