ASTA Member-Get-A-Member Campaign

Most ASTA members say they are likely to refer membership to their colleagues — and now you can earn rewards!

As an active ASTA member, you know first-hand the value your membership provides. Share your success by participating in ASTA’s Member-Get-A-Member Campaign. You can earn rewards for yourself and generate more funds for your chapter to invest in state-level programs.

2022 MGM Campaign Launches is ACTIVE!

ASTA's new Member-Get-a-Member Campaign July 1 – October 31, 2022

There is no better promoter of ASTA membership than you! How to start earning rewards:  

Step 1: Identify New Members!
  1. Submit their information via a Survey  (Tell us who you'd like to invite, and we will send an email highlighting ASTA member benefit and encouraging them to join.)
  2. Share the Membership Link with them.
Step 2: Ensure the New Member Includes your Name and Email as a Recruiter
  1. New Member completes the online or paper membership form
  2. New Member submits payment 
Step 3: You Get Rewarded

Recruiter Rewards  
  • One new Member:  Receive a $5 Starbucks gift card for every new Member you recruit
  • More than three members:  Receive a $5 Starbucks gift card with each and a membership pin 
  • More than 5 members:  $100 Amazon Gift Card  
  • End of Campaign rewards: Everyone who participates in the recruitment of at least one new Member will be entered into a drawing for one complimentary 1-year membership renewal.  Drawing taking place on November 16. 
  • MEGA Prize: One Member will receive complimentary registration to the following year's conference and 3 nights of hotel at the conference (a $950 value). All members who recruit a minimum of five new members will be entered into a drawing to select a winner. Drawing taking place on November 16. 

  • Tips for Recruiting New Members 
    Here are some suggestions to help you reach out to potential members and encourage them to join ASTA:  
  • When you meet new string teachers, tell them how ASTA can help them transition to their new role (connecting with others through the chapter, online resources, etc.)
  • Share the benefits of ASTA membership you utilize the most
  • Forward ASTA emails to your colleagues
  • Invite a prospective member to attend the national conference with you
  • Give a gift of ASTA membership to a friend or colleague

  • How to Invite Colleagues to Join ASTA
  • Download the printable membership application, fill your name in the "Who referred you to ASTA?" section, and start handing them out.  
  • Your colleagues can also join ASTA by completing the online membership invitation. Make sure they list your name and email in the "Who referred you to ASTA?" section.  

  • Campaign Rules M-G-A-M  
  • Any ASTA member (professional, student, senior, or dual) is eligible to participate as a recruiter 
  • The recruiter's name and email must be provided at the time of submission to qualify for rewards. ASTA cannot add a recruiter name after the membership application is submitted 
  • The following categories are not eligible to receive referral rewards:  
    • Current member renewals 
    • Lifetime members  
    • Other ASTA membership categories, such as String Industry Council and Institutional 

    For questions or more assistance, or 703-279-2113.