Our Mission

Our Business and Mission:

We provide professional development, career building and support, and a community of peers for all teachers of stringed instruments.

Our Impact and Vision:

Enriching lives through universal access to fine string playing and teaching.

Our Core Values:

  • Teaching & Learning. We are lifelong learners and share our knowledge openly.
  • Diversity & Inclusion. We value every person for the differences of identity, ideas, and interests they bring, and we actively work to engage with those differences.
  • Community. We harness the power of collaboration between people.
  • Integrity. We will be honest and aligned with our values – always.
  • Passion. We approach our work with focus and intentionality of commitment.
  • Excellence. We will always strive to do our very best work in service of our community.

Our Goals:

  • Engage. Strengthen opportunities to be involved in ASTA regardless of location or area of interest.
  • Communicate. Ensure people are aware of the incredible ASTA resources and experiences.
  • Experience. Ensure every member has access to a high-quality membership.
  • Advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Engage people who represent varied identities, differences, and musical styles.

ASTA Strategic Plan & Framework 2020-2022

ASTA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion