AST Journal - February 2023

Volume 73, Number 1

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Right From the Start: Creating a Diverse Private Studio Experience

Claire Allen

Through the examination of the physical environment where lessons take place, the role models we give our students, the material used in lessons and programmed on concerts, and the way we create space for students of every identity, we can take important steps forward toward a more equitable musical world.   

The Impact of Three Women Violin Pedagogues

Sigrid Karlstrom


Emerging from significantly different backgrounds, the violinists and teachers Natalia Baklanova, Maia Bang, and Josephine Trott were similar in that they each became vital contributors to the cultural development of their communities. 


Don't Slip on that Banana Peel: Preparing Unevenly Measured Runs for Clean, Reliable Execution

William Herzog


A performer should focus on exercises that train rhythmic decision, as creating a strong sense of pulse and rhythmic organization is at the heart of successful execution under pressure. 


Anchor Fingering on Violin: Understanding Finger Proximity for Better Intonation

John E. Brawand


A premise of Anchor fingering technique is the persistent development of the ability to hear pitches in the mind’s ear in the process of delivering accurate finger placement for those pitches. 


Chamber Music by Female Composers: A Pedagogical Analysis and Historical Overview

Rebekah Hanson and University of Portland Student Research Team: Corryn Bottenfield, Tyler Lawrence, and Amber Shen


Our research aims to increase the accessibility of string quartet works composed by women for students, teachers, and orchestral directors. 




Energizing Young Players: Creative Ideas to Inspire Beginners

Monika Hrudik


There’s no one size fits all approach to teaching beginners, but as I have observed, music education that is both high quality and exciting for students is possible with a creative approach.