String Research Journal  |  Volume 13  |  2023

  • Nonstring Music Teachers' Comfort Teaching String Ensembles — Ji-Eun (Jen) Kim
  • A Content Analysis of the American String Teacher (2000-2019) — John Rine A. Zabanal, Annalisa C. Chang, and Heather A. Lofdahl
  • Virtual Teaching in the Applied String Studio During the COVID-19 Pandemic — Morganne Aaberg
  • An Analysis-Synthesis of the Pedagogical Literature on Intonation in Initial Learning of Violin and Viola: Pitch Contents, Teaching Approaches, and Auxiliary Resources — Fernando López-Calatayud, Roberto Macián-González, and Jesús Tejada
  • Biomechanically Informed Bowing: Revisiting Rolland's Principles of Violin Playing — Min Jung Kim and Stephen T. Fairbanks

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