String Researcher Award

Nominations due by October 30, 2021

ASTA sponsors an annual award to recognize excellence in string research. The String Researcher Award is given to those whose work has contributed significantly to scholarship in string education and/or performance.

The 2022 award honors an early-career researcher whose scholarly work shows much promise in making continued important contributions to research. This award is given to junior higher-education faculty or public/private school or studio teacher who has completed a doctorate or terminal degree within the past 10 years. Nominees should have a record of demonstrated involvement in the following research activities: publication in juried research journals, research presentations at professional meetings, involvement in the strings community, and evidence of innovation in string research. The award will be presented at the 2022 ASTA National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Nominations for the award may come from any ASTA member; self-nomination is permitted. To nominate a qualified researcher, please provide the name and email address of the nominee and a letter of nomination that addresses the nominee’s qualifications. The Research Committee will then contact the nominee to request essential information (curriculum vitae and other relevant documentation).

Nominations for this award must be submitted electronically no later than October 30, 2021, to

Congratulations to ASTA String Researcher Award Recipients

  • 2020: Early Career String Research Award:
  • 2019: Award for Long Term Achievement:
  • 2018: Early Career String Research Award:
  • 2017: Award for Long Term Achievement:
  • 2016: Early Career String Research Award:
  • 2015: Award for Long Term Achievement:
  • 2014: Emergent String Researcher:
  • 2013: Award for Long Term Achievement:
  • 2012: Emergent String Researcher:
  • 2011: Award for Long Term Achievement:
  • David Pope
  • Gail V. Barnes
  • Karen Hendricks
  • Margaret H. Berg
  • Kristen Pellegrino
  • Margaret Schmidt
  • Rebecca B. MacLeod
  • David W. Sogin
  • Joshua A. Russell
  • Donald L. Hamann